Graduating from the Cambridge school of Art in Illustration, David Bennison is a full-time British artist living and working in Cambridge, UK.

His concepts have remained firmly grounded in the exploration of curvilinear perspective which complements his current work that has its origins in visual dream interpretation.

David’s fine art painting explores ethereal and figurative subject matter that is interweaved with multiple viewpoints to produce intangible landscapes that continue a narrative from one canvas to the next.

Repeated metaphors suggestive of sexuality, birth and death, seemingly make subtle relationships with confusing, existential pathways of everyday life.

Obvious inspirations to David’s work have included the architectural drawings of Piranesi, graphic artist M.C. Escher, Illustrator Paul Hess and local artist and printmaker Glynn Thomas.

David is currently represented by Lux Gallery, Birmingham and Tyrrell Art Gallery, Cambridge.